Short Course: “Visible and transgressive: narratives and visual strategies for peace and equality”


Curso-corto-Visibles-transgresorasDirects: Manuela Mesa

Dates: October 29, 30 and 31, 2019

Organized by DEMSOPAZ-UAM Institute, CEIPAZ, Universidad Iberoamericana de Mexico

This course analyzed the strategies and techniques of visual communication that constitute new narratives on gender, development and peace. From the analysis of images and messages, keys have been offered for decoding images and messages that contribute to give greater visibility of the contribution of women on peacebuilding. Likewise, “Historias de vida” have been used as a very effective tool to promote greater knowledge about the nonviolent strategies that women have used throughout history to build peace. It is aimed at communication managers, graphic designers, and educators who want to address the construction of peace with a gender perspective from the visual and artistic language. The course is based on the “Visible and transgressive” research work carried out by Manuela Mesa and Laura Alonso. To this course more than 40 people attended, from the field of communication, graphic design and educators.