“Research ethics and responsibility”

Dates: February-May 2018

Direction: Jose María Carrascosa

Organized by: DEMOSPAZ


The Research Ethics is one of DEMOSPAZ Institute´s lines of work, in terms of student training at all levels and society in general, as well as aspects that have more to do with research in these areas.

Technological progress has also occurred in many other areas of science and engineering and today it could be said that almost all disciplines, whether pure sciences or social sciences, have understood the need to reflect on the knowledge acquired in their development and its responsibility for environmental, social and economic changes that affect not only human beings, but the entire living universe. That is why education in values is necessary also in the field of research in general and not only in relation to the participation of human beings. Thus, in recent years there has been a proliferation of codes of good practice developed by national or international institutions and by scientific and professional organizations in general, as well as the creation of specialized agencies to assess the risks that may arise from the use of new technologies.

International organizations such as UNESCO have promoted the debate on bioethics and ethics of science for more than two decades. Already at the World Conference on Science of the 21st Century, held in Budapest in 1999, jointly organized by UNESCO and the ICSU (International Council for Science), it was established that: “Programs of scientific studies should include the ethics of science, as well as training related to the history and philosophy of science and its cultural repercussions (article 44). The ethics and responsibility of science should be an integral part of the education and training that is given to all scientists. It is important to instil in the students a positive attitude of reflection, vigilance and sensitivity regarding the ethical problems they may encounter in their professional life (article 71) “.

Also for the European Union, Research and Responsible Innovation (RRI) is currently one of the lines of action that permeates almost all the programs included in Horizon 2020. All this is but the reflection of an awareness of the fact that Science, Technology and Knowledge in general have come to govern our lives almost as much as laws. It is therefore necessary that citizens have information and reflect on the objectives of scientific development and its consequences, which should not be a matter only of experts in different areas of knowledge, but something that concerns all of us .

The course is aimed at doctoral students of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, training designed as transversal to all disciplines and appropriate for all doctoral programs that are part of the EDUAM (Doctoral School of the UAM). It is open to undergraduate students, as well as to other people potentially interested in these topics (Principal Investigators of projects and other researchers of the same, professionals of all fields, and citizens in general).

The course consisted of two training modules: I: Social responsibility of the research, was held from February 22 to March 22, 2018 and II: Science and Technique in the Anthropocene era taught from April 16 to May 17 2018.

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