Seminar / Short Course “Earth Charter: towards a global ethic of responsibility and solidarity”


Cartel_Curso Carta de la TierraDates: March 6th-9th 2018

Direction: Maria del Carmen Patricia Morales. Faculty of Art and Philosophy of Louvain (Belgium).


This course is taught by Professor María del Carmen Patricia Morales, visiting our University within the framework of the Erasmus exchange program. Professor Morales holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires and her main lines of research revolve around the following topics: Human Rights, democracy, sustainable development, ethics of responsibility and cooperation. She knows at close hand the Earth Charter, the processes by which it was drafted, those involved and related projects, that is why having her presence and knowledge is a great learning opportunity.

The course aims to follow a participatory and dialoguing methodology, from which constructive and collaborative proposals for ecological problems can be outlined. Attendees will learn about the details of the Earth Charter, the ways of thinking that inspired its writing, the political implications that may have and the influence exerted since its drafting.

On the other hand, the Earth Charter has served as a basis to bring up other topics related to ecology, social justice and peace that may also be interesting. Thus, it is intended to build a fruitful dialogue by the various agents involved about the concerning issues.

Recipients: Social Sciences, Law, Humanities, Psychology, Social Work, or related disciplines, graduates, students, educators, NGO members, environmental organizations and social organizations in general.