“Participatory methodology and didactic tools in education for peace and social justice”


curso-Metodologias-participativasDates: February 19th-22nd 2018

Direction: Javier Murillo and Manuela Mesa


Education for peace is an educational process that offers strategies to educate in and for the non-violent conflict resolution. This means learning to analyze critically the different forms of violence that occur at the international, local and group levels and the consequences of the use of force.

This course aims to explore the educational strategies needed to move from a culture of violence to a culture of peace, deepening the notion of positive peace and social justice. It offers methodological tools and didactic resources to develop education programs for peace and social justice in the formal and non-formal educational environment, and to acquire the necessary skills for the resolution and peaceful transformation of conflicts. It is an education that promotes an active citizenship and is committed to peace and social justice building.


The objectives and competences include: understanding and critically analyzing the different forms of violence that occur and their consequences; discover the positive perspective of the conflict and its transforming character, offer analytical keys to obtain a global view of the world and recognize the positive and comprehensive perspective of peace as the right of every person to a dignified life, develop skills and strategies for a Culture of Peace.

Recipients: Social Sciences, Humanities, Psychology, Law, Social Work or related disciplines graduates, students or professionals working in the formal and non-formal education sector (NGDOs, social organizations and local institutions).

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