Short Course: “Lobbies in open government”


Dates: March 12,13,14,15, 2019

Directed by Javier Bermúdez Sánchez, Ana de Marcos Fernández and Blanca Rodriguez-Chaves Mimbrero

Organized by Instituto DEMOSPAZ and UAM

In recent years there has been a very significant change in the relationship of citizens with public administrations. The need to offer channels of participation, in which effective communication is promoted, and ease the availability of information. This imposes new practices on the Administrations, not only that they move away from formal cases of corruption, but that they adopt positive measures that avoid them, and prove the probity in the actions of the Administrations and the real participation of the citizens in the achievement of the general interests. The course included these objectives and competences:

  • Improve the training of students in the knowledge of the means of collaboration with the Public Administrations: participation systems; Transparency Tips; Open Government.
  • Reflect on the activity and regulation on the channels of participation, specifically, through influence groups.

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