Short Course: “Ethical and legal challenges in biosciences, computer science and artificial intelligence”


Curso-corto-Retos-eticos-legales-biocienciasDate: September 12 – November 21, 2018

Speaker: Pablo De Lora

Organized by  Instituto DEMOSPAZ

The initiative of the course and the project is part of a double sustained effort in the last five years: On one hand the link of the IP project (Pablo de Lora) with the current Center for Bioethics of the Harvard Medical School (formerly  Division of Medical Ethics) and with Petrie-Flom Center of the Harvard Law School where he has made two research  (years 2011-2012 and 2017), and on the other hand, the collaboration that Pablo de Lora and Estrella Pulido have maintained as teachers of Biochemistry and Society belonging to the Degree in Biochemistry and which is run by professors José Mª Carrascosa and Elena Bogónez. These previous academic partnerships, and the interest of this team of teachers and researchers of the UAM in consolidating the training – at the undergraduate and graduate level – in the ethical, legal (social, finally) challenges, that the development of knowledge and Scientific applications raises, have allied to promote this request.

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