Short Course: Community Mediation Course


Curso-Mediacion-ComunitariaDates: February 18-21, 2019

Directed by Carlos Giménez, Daniel Zaidam

Organized by DEMOSPAZ, with the City Council of Praia, Cabo Verde, and the National Directorate of Education of Cabo Verde.

Course organized together with the City Council of Praia and the Cabo Verde National Directorate of Education, is part of the Platforms for Local Development and Objectives 2030 Program. Praia is included in the network of cities that benefit from the Location Project of the SDGs: Promoting Inclusive and Peace Cities, and they work towards the fulfillment of the SDGs.

This training provided the theoretical and methodological basis of mediation, in general, and, in particular, intercultural mediation at the community level, in convergence with the methodology of appreciative dialogues. All this in order to achieve maximum coordination, collaboration and action in the community projects that are to be developed. This will improve the quality of life Cabo Verde citizens. Ten municipal guards from the City Council of Praia, 6 national police, 6 technicians from the City Council of Praia and 10 technicians from the Ministry of Education participated.