Description: Since its founding, the Institute of Human Rights, Democracy and Culture of Peace and Non-Violence DEMOSPAZ-UAM has organized itself around three fundamental axes: investigation, training and scientific knowledge transfer. The instructive and educational compromise assumed by this Institute has promoted the organization of regular courses in which we display and disseminate the research conducted by the members and research teams that make up DEMOSPAZ. After our first years of operation, our Institute has decided to create an independent body to carry out our training courses within the framework of a UAM-DEMOSPAZ School. This school, as well as serving its academic community, wishes to integrate the better part of the activities, courses and individual qualifications that arise from this Research Institute. Our commitment to the values that distinguish the Autonomous University of Madrid, as well as an ethical, scientific and social responsibility, means that one shall find at the UAM-DEMOSPAZ School the ideal space to channel different formative initiatives, characterized by a social commitment and academic excellency.

DEMOSPAZ promotes training in the areas of human rights, democracy, peace culture and non-violence. To this end, the Institute counts on the support of a Masters degree in Culture of Peace and Conflict Resolution, which offers conceptual and methodological tools, as well as practices directed towards the design and implementation of mediation and conflict resolution programmes on an international and local level (intercultural mediation and construction of global citizenship). It is directed towards students, workers and authorities in public administrations, staff in international organisms, researchers and lecturers.

The UAM-DEMOSPAZ School also offers short courses, seminars and highly practical workshops with participative methodologies, which deal with the Institute’s main themes and are carried out by members of the Institute in collaboration with other entities and universities, such as the Spanish Association for Research for Peace (AIPAZ), the University for Peace in Costa Rica, the Women League for Peace and Freedom, the University of Lovaina, amongst others.

Masters in Peace Culture and Conflict Resolution”

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