XXII DEMOSPAZ Research Seminar

“Big data: Data science, social transformations  and human rights”

February 26, 2020, Madrid




Miren Gutiérrez Almazor: PhD in Communication and Professor at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Universidad de Deusto.

Marta Beltrán Pardo: PhD in Computer Science and Professor of the Area of Architecture and Computer Technology of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Our last seminar revolved around “Big data”, a topic currently booming and whose relevance is increasing. To address it, our two speakers, despite not moving away from the technological point of view that characterizes the term, offered their vision of the different implications that this has from other points of view, such as economic, human or ethical.

Marta Beltrán Pardo gave us the opportunity to clearly understand what the concept of “Big Data” consists of. As well as its implications when it comes to data protection, the right to privacy and the duty of researchers to comply with them in academic work.

Miren Gutiérrez Almazor, on the other hand, explained to us how political participation should be understood today in a world as dated as ours. Following this argument, she displayed to us several examples of democratic participation, both citizen and institutional, all derived from the use of data science.


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