XVII Research Seminar of the DEMOSPAZ-UAM Institute

Political and Moral Challenges of Techno-scientific Transhumanism”

21 March 2019, Madrid


At the research seminar on March 21, we had the pleasure to talk about the “Political and Moral Challenges of Techno-scientific Transhumanism”.


Carmen Madorrán Ayerra, Doctor of Philosophy and Researcher at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at UAM.

Antonio Diéguez Lucena, Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at Universidad de Málaga.

Carmen Modorrán has emphasized that there is a rejection of human imperfection and a blind faith in technology and that we run the risk of relying on technologies to solve social problems. Antonio Diéguez, in turn, explained Technoscientific Transhumanism as the possibility of improving the human being through technology, speaking of interventions towards “a-mortality”, that is, the search for infinite life.