VII Demospaz Research Seminar:

“Violence, gender and Peace-building”, 15th of March 2018, Madrid



Descripción: On this occasion we discussed the topic of gender, one of the Institute’s main concerns. Firstly, we approached the topic of mass violence specifically against women, in an attempt to find the adequate conceptual tools to assess and understand this problem as one to do with gender in all its complexity. We then approached the topic of peace-building regarding women, focusing on their leading role as agents of peace in different cases throughout history and the alternative narratives that can arise from the voices of women, who are often silenced.

Speakers: Carmen Magallón Portolés, professor of Physics and Chemistry at the University of Zaragoza, director of the Foundation Seminars for Research for Peace (SIP) and president of the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF España) and Cristina Sánchez Muñoz, professor of Law Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Madrid and director of the Institute of Women’s Studies (IUEM).