V Demospaz Research Seminar:

“Socioecological crisis and the risk of breakdown”, 18th of January 2018, Madrid



Descripción: On this occasion, the topic for debate were the ecological urgencies that we face today. The objetive was, on one hand, to have a deep understanding of the circumstances that the planet is currently experiencing and the huge risks that we are exposing ourselves to and, on the other, to try and come up with solutions and strategies to face this crisis with. Our guest speakers insist on the crisis nature of our present. It is necessary to become of aware of this and to act accordingly and responsibly. We also tried to shed light on the possible courses of action and change that we have at our disposal and on generating positive responses.

Speakers: Jorge Riechmann, expert in ecology, lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities at the Autonomous University of Madrid and member of the Demospaz Institute, and Fernando Prats, member of the Steering Committee of the programme “Global Change, Spain 2020/50”.