IV Demospaz Research Seminar:
“Violence and cities, how to approach urban violence linked to hate crimes”, 14th of December 2017, Madrid



Descripción: The topic discussed in this seminar focused on direct, structural and ideological violence that takes place in cities. ¿How can we approach this type of violence and how do we deal with it in order to build spaces of cohabitation and peace? We picked up on some of the issues we dealt with in our previous research seminars, which focused on Utopia, Objective 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Human Right to Science, respectively. In addition, we elaborated on the specific topic of violence linked to xenophobia, islamophobia and other hate crimes.

Speakers: Esteban Ibarra, President of the Movement against Intolerance and José Antonio Rubio, member of the coordinating team for our Institute’s DIAGNOSIS project.