XXI DEMOSPAZ Research Seminar

“Freedom of school choice and school segregation”

January 21, 2020, Madrid




Javier Murillo. Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Julio Rogero Anaya. Primary school teacher and active member of Colectivo Escuela Abierta.

During this day, the freedom of choice of the school and school segregation in Madrid were discussed. Issues of current concern since, according to international data, segregation in Spain is the largest in the sector and is increasing compared to the world average. In addition, issues such as the commercialization of education, the freedom of choice of the center according to the socio-economic condition and possible political and educational measures to solve these problems were addressed.


Link to the video on the DEMOSPAZ YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxxYuotqqVI&t=5s