Research Seminars


Academic curse 2017/2018

I. Demospaz Research Seminar “Utopia”, 21st of September 2017, Madrid

II. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Sustainable Development Goals and the role of local authorities”, 19th of October 2017, Madrid

III. Demospaz Research Seminar: “The human right to science”, 23rd of November of 2017, Madrid

IV. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Violence and cities, how to approach urban violence linked to hate crimes”, 14th of December 2017, Madrid

V. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Socioecological crisis and the risk of breakdown”, 18th of January 2018, Madrid, Madrid

VI. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Education and communication: for a global digital citizenship”, 15th of February 2018, Madrid

VII. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Violence, gender and Peace-building”, 15th of March 2018, Madrid

VIII. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Challenges facing democracy and governance: engagement and citizenship”, 19th of April 2018, Madrid

IX. Demospaz Research Seminar: “Communication and information technology and social inclusion”, 17th of May 2018, Madrid

Academic curse 2018/2019

X. “Pero sigo siendo el rey”. Hegemonic regimes and representations of violence in Mexico through journalism and photography’’, June 21, 2018, Madrid

XI. “Different views at the Anthropocene”, 20 September 2018, Madrid

XII. “The Right to Health and access to Medicines”, 18 October 2018, Madrid

XIII. “Enforced disappearances in the contemporary world: referents in the global fight against impunity”, 19 November 2018, Madrid

XIV. “Art, Social Transformation and Human Rights”, 13 December 2018, Madrid

XV. “Rise of the Far Right”, 24 January 2019, Madrid

XVI. “Causes, forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia. The role of ICT to prevent and address them”, 21 February 2019, Madrid

XVII. “Political and Moral Challenges of Techno-scientific Transhumanism”, 21 March 2019, Madrid

XVIII. “Rural depopulation in the face of climate change”, 25 April 2019, Madrid

Academic curse 2019/2020

XIX. “Surrogacy: ethical and legal projection”, October 17, 2019, Madrid

XX. “Mediation of Conflicts in Community Contexts”,21 November 2019, Madrid

XXI. “Freedom of school choice and school segregation”, January 21, 2020, Madrid

XXII. “Big data: Data science, social transformations  and human rights”, February 26, 2020, Madrid