Project: Positive Management Project for the Implementation of the Regional Pact for Cañada Real


Year: 2018-2019

Directed by: Carlos Giménez

Research team: Team of researchers and professionals from DEMOSPAZ and the Intercultural Community Intervention project of the Institute for Migration, Ethnicity and Social Development (IMEDES) of the UAM.

Description: The project forms, trains, advises and accompanies the actors in Cañada Real for the implementation of two strategies for prevention and conflict management: a) Intercultural Community Mediation and b) Anti-Rumor Strategy. The project seeks to address positively the tensions that arise from the diverse needs and interests inherent in the different groups and social actors that participate in the implementation of Cañada Real Regional Pact. The project is a commitment to intervention strategies from a preventive and transformative approach to conflictive or potentially conflictive relationships. It is about contribute the generation of adequate conditions to positive manage the implementation of the Regional Pact for the Cañada Real Galiana by transferring theoretical, strategic and methodological elements to technical resources and citizenship for the prevention, regulation and transformation of latent conflict.