Project: Memory and Education for Peace: Strands of Living Peace


Year: 2019 to the present

Directs: Juan Gutiérrez, founder of the project

Coordinates: Manuela Mesa and Elena Boschiero

 Research Team: members of the DEMOSPAZ Institute in collaboration with the International Network of Strands of Living Peace


A project on memory from a positive peace perspective. We develop the concept of “Strands of Living Peace” understood as small acts  and almost imperceptible but sometimes challenging and even heroic, which, in times or situations marked by horror, terror, lethal violence or flagrant injustices. They reach out to help or save people threatened or who suffer abuse and humiliation because they are considered enemies or outsiders. These acts skip the rules and regulations of the group that demands obedience and respond to selfish motives. The Peace Strands are only a small part, but very special, of the Living Peace or Positive Peace, to support others and receive from other support.

They are called “Strands of living Peace” because they are the threads that remain acting as bridges of life of a fabric of crimps when it seems torn by violence.

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