Project: International Mediation


Year: 2020

Directs: Manuela Mesa

Research team: Jessica Richard, Elena Boschiero and members of DEMOSPAZ


This program proposes are:  to promote and facilitate processes of dialogue and mediation as an essential strategy for the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the international arena and particularly in Latin America. It offers information, analysis and tools on international negotiation and mediation and incorporates the gender perspective as an essential element in these processes. The program is geared towards the creation of a network of mediators, which facilitate negotiation to situations of tension and conflict; and facilitates knowledge and exchange of experiences and good practices in this area. It has two priority axes:

  • Network: It is about creating a network of Euro-Latin American people with very different profiles: politicians, diplomats, experts and civil society researchers with experiences in various fields to participate in mediation and conflict resolution processes in Europe and Latin America.
  • Disseminate knowledge and experiences in international mediation from the preparation of working documents, audiovisuals, interviews, among others.