Project: International consultancy for the definition of a conceptual and methodological framework to promote and implement diagnoses of urban violence and peace building processes in pilot cities of the SDG Location Project (UNDP)


Year: 2018-2019

Directed by: Carlos Giménez

Research Team: Group of professionals from DEMOSPAZ and the Institute for Migration, Ethnicity and Social Development (IMEDES), who have participated in the project of “Participatory diagnosis of urban violence in the city of Madrid”.

Description: Within the framework of the project “Location of the Sustainable Development Goals to reach inclusive and peaceful cities” of the ART initiative of UNDP and the City of Madrid, and based on the experience of participatory diagnosis in the city of Madrid, DEMOSPAZ has systematized the experience and offered a methodology for the elaboration of diagnoses of urban violence and peace building processes, transferable to other cities. DEMOSPAZ has provided technical assistance for its application to three pilot cities in Latin America and Africa that participated in the UNDP SDG Location Project: Montevideo (Uruguay), Praia (Cabo Verde) and Sucre (Bolivia).