Project “Participatory diagnosis on urban violence in the city of Madrid”


Year: 2017

Project management: Carlos Giménez

Research team:

The research team is made up of a group of professionals from the Institute of Migrations, Ethnicity Social and Development (IMEDES) of the Autonomous University of Madrid, who  for years have been developing, jointly with the City Council of Madrid, research and community intervention and mediation projects in the districts of Madrid.

Monitoring Committee

The committee comprises representatives from the study’s promoter entities: Madrid City Council, AIPAZ, DEMOSPAZ, IMEDES, amongst others.


A participative community diagnose of the main existing forms of violence in the districts of the city of Madrid. It consists of a theoretical and practical study which intends to provide an outlook of the existing situation and its implications, as well as a series of proposals or recommendations to advance the cause of peace in the city.

The project will make use of the “social hearing” method, inspired by the methodology developed by Marco Marchioni, based on community colloquiums at different levels. The main objective is to identify the spaces of hostility within the districts, “the shadows in the peace”. This methodology allows for the gathering of suggestions and proposals, taking into account the particularities of each territory, including their necessities and previous experiences, generating “shared knowledge”. This allows the community to elaborate their own proposals.

Expected results

1.- A series of research reports: two interim reports and a final report

2.- A series of proposals for an “Urban policy for Peace”

3.- Presentation in the World Forum of April 2017 against Urban Violence and for Peace Education

4.- Validation of a methodology transferable to other cities

5.- Publication addressing violence and peace in the districts of Madrid