NEW Research Seminar “Libertad de elección de centro educativo y segregación escolar”

On January 21, 2020, the Research Seminar “Libertad de elección de centro educativo y segregación escolar” was held in Plaza Mayor UAM (Madrid) with the colaboration of UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice. We have the participation of two experts in the field, Javier Murillo, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Education for Social Justice and Academic Secretary of DEMOSPAZ, and Julio Rogero, Primary Education Teacher and active member of the El Colectivo Escuela Abierta and belonging to pedagogical renewal movements. During this day, the freedom of school choice and segregation by socioeconomic status was discussed.  The speakers expressed their ideas and research in this regard, showing concrete data and problematizing this educational reality that concerns us all.

The discussion included issues of current concern, according to international data, segregation in Spain is the largest in the zone and is increasing compared to the world average, with a school segregation level of 0.38 (Godard index). Which means that 38% of the students had to change schools so there was no segregation. Showing that educational reality in Madrid is segregating, whether by socioeconomic status, origin or academic situation. This is a problem since educational spaces are created only for certain privileged groups and others that include only the most vulnerable members of society, making inclusion and diversity difficult.

In addition, problems that may be the cause of the problem were addressed, such as the commercialization of education, devaluation of public education or the freedom of school choice, according to socioeconomic status.

The seminar concluded with proposals at the micro and macro level to solve this problem, recognizing that the problem is as much of the educational policies as of the personal decisions of the citizens regarding the choice of the center and their conceptions of segregation.

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