On May 29, 30 and 31, the DEMOSPAZ Institute held its I International Congress on Human Rights, Democracy, Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. The Congress was attended by more than 200 registered people, 54 speakers who participated in round tables, discussions, symposia and 71 communications which have been published in the Congress Proceedings. In addition, the Art and Peace Laboratory was presented, and a Music for Peace show was performed by singer-songwriter Paco Damas. Two exhibitions were also presented during the Congress: 1. The Sustainable Development Goals route. 2. 100 years of the Women League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

The Congress had the support and sponsorship of the Culture of Peace Foundation and the General Secretariat of Human Rights, Coexistence and Cooperation of the Basque Government. Likewise, in the framework of the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Law and, Faculty of Science and the Department of Education for Social Justice have contributed.

The purpose of the Congress was to generate a meeting place for discussions on theoretical and practical aspects, challenges and challenges related to Human Rights, Democracy, the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence among researchers, social movements and civil society organizations, as well as formulating proposals that contribute to forming peaceful, inclusive and respectful human rights societies.

The Congress was structured in three axes: Culture of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights. Each of them organized in panel discussions among national and international prestigious personalities, round tables with representatives of civil society organizations and presentation of communications on experiences and academic work related to Congress issues. The communications have been published in the Congress Proceedings.

Congress Programme Report

Congress Proceedings


1. Opening and day on democracy

Video 1st  Conference Day

2. Day on Human rights

Video 2nd  Conference Day

3. Day on Culture of Peace

Video 3rd Conference Day (1st  part)

4. Closing Conference: Ethics and Global Citizenship. Adela Cortina

Video 3rd Conference Day (2nd part)

5. Additional Congress Videos

Congress Summary Video

Music for Peace Video

Art and Peace Laboratory Video

Short Video UAM

Photo Gallery Video