DEMOSPAZ promotes university research in Culture of Peace, democracy and human rights, in order to contribute the creation of emancipatory alternatives that, from a critical, rigorous and responsible perspective by challenging hegemonic thinking.

Also, tries to generate an applied, plural, compared, transdisciplinary and innovative knowledge, capable of combining the macro and the micro, of incorporating the historical dimension, addressing the causes and manifestations of the problems and identifying the experiences and good practices that contribute to social transformation, justice and equality.

The main lines of research and projects are:

Research Program “Human Rights and the Culture of Peace in the framework of the 2030 Agenda” (2019 to the present).

International Mediation (2019 to the present)

Memory and Education for Peace: Strands of Living Peace (2019 to the present)

Project EXCELLENCE I + D + I “Democracy in schools as the foundation of an education for Social Justice” (2018-2021)

Positive Management Project for the Implementation of the Regional Pact for the Cañada Real (2018-2019)

International consultancy for the definition of a conceptual and methodological framework to promote and implement diagnoses of urban violence and peacebuilding processes in pilot cities of the SDG Location Project (UNDP) (2018-2019)

Project “Participatory diagnosis on urban violence in the city of Madrid”